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About the rmFamily of Sites & Services

The rmFamily of Sites & Services is operated by Libraries & Directories, Inc..

The term 'rmis' was coined in the 1970's: Risk Management Information Systems. Until 1996, the industry view of rmis was limited to databases of claims related information. In the fall of 1996, the rmis.com Resource Library became the first step of its founders' vision of the rmis of the future. Since 1996, the rmis.com Resource Library (aka rmLibrary) has served the risk management community (over a dozen different disciplines) as the premier informational resource on the net.

The rmFamily of Sites and Services is now the next step in furthering that vision. Our approach is aimed at allowing a multiplicity of uses and configurations of the technology that we provide. How you use it, either for yourself or for your clients, is your part of the equation.

rmFamily of Sites and Services:
  • initially established in 1998
  • operated on limited, selective client implementations / applications as development work on entire system of sites and services
  • rolled out to the public in 2008

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