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The rmFamily of Sites are dedicated to bringing together in one place the information and available technology pertaining to all aspects of systems and services related to insurance and risk management.

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rmFamily of Sites & Services

The vision of the rmFamily has always been to provide a wide range of technology for all aspects of the risk management community. In 1996, the rmis.com Resource Library was our first step and it remains the Hub of the rmFamily of Sites and Services, providing the base reference materials to risk managers, consultants and a wide range of risk management and safety professionals.

It is the first place a risk manager, agent/broker or insurance professional comes to investigate the latest in products, services and risk management techniques. For the consultants who provide services and the insurance carriers and vendors who sell products to this customer base, rmExperts provides the place to showcase their expertise and to market and differentiate their products and services.

Unlike most advertising on the net, rmFamily sites have established non-monetary requirements for vendors to participate. Our primary responsibility remains to our clients, subscribers and visitors, not the vendors who would just post banner ads. We feel that is exactly what is needed to raise marketing on the internet to an entirely higher level. (We have an outspoken group of rmis.com library subscribers who have told us!)

This approach is in the best interests of the vendors as well. Providing materials that contain product and service specifics and web sites that follow good business communication practices can only serve to differentiate those vendors from others on the web, and specifically from those vendors who don't choose to participate in the rmFamily of Sites & Services.

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